Russian Interpreting

Effectiveness with Care

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I provide Russian interpreting services in a variety of healthcare, business, and education settings:

  • Interpreting for individual Russian-speaking patients and clients of language services companies on-site and over-the-phone in outpatient clinic and hospital settings. Interpreting sessions range from routine medical visits to pre- or post-surgery appointments to urgent same-day clinic appointments to medical insurance appointments.
  • Interpreting for visiting Russian businessmen: negotiations, business lunches, tours of production facilities, establishing contact with American partners.
  • Assisting in speech assessment of Russian-speaking employees for businesses and Russian-speaking students for US schools.
  • Interpreting for Russian-speaking students and their parents at the meetings with school district representatives and public school staff.

I provide consecutive interpreting¹ with occasional switches to the simultaneous mode², as required by the dynamic nature of the interpreting session. My services also include sight translation³ of various documents and forms.

Note 1: Consecutive interpreting - the mode of interpreting whereby the interpreter relays a message in another language in a sequential manner after the speaker has paused or has completed a thought (Green, C.E., 1995, Medical Interpretation Curriculum Training Program: Vista Community Clinic, California).

Note 2: Simultaneous interpreting - converting a speaker's [...] message into another language while the speaker [...] continues to speak [...] ( The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care)

Note 3: Sight translation - oral rendition of a written text from one language into another on the spot.