English-Russian Translation

Precision and Accuracy in Language and Intent

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As a professional language services provider, I prefer to specialize rather than to accept any content for translation or editing. Specializing in subject areas I am familiar with from my professional experience and/or education helps me achieve a high level of accuracy and consistency, and allows me to truthfully render the meaning, register and style of the source text in my target language, Russian. Below are my areas of specialization with descriptions of common projects or text types I work with:

Business, Marketing, and Economics:

  • press releases, business presentations and reports, marketing and advertising materials, resumes and business letters
  • e-commerce product titles and descriptions, localization of retail websites content
  • training materials on personality assessment for business applications
  • translation and reviewing of thematic business glossaries and databases


  • linguistic validation (translation test reviews and linguistic validation questionnaires)
  • eLearning applications for mobile internet devices
  • US school programs for students with native Russian
  • academic records and transcripts, performance evaluations, letters of recommendation
  • reports and presentations on education and educational systems

Health Care:

  • intake forms for new patients, consent forms, medical insurance forms
  • patient instructions and educational materials
  • health-related volunteer surveys and supporting materials


  • hotel accommodations
  • dining, shopping, entertainment
  • transportation, airport transfer services

Immigration and Official Documents / General Purpose Documents:

  • diplomas, licenses, certificates, passports, IDs, etc.
  • forms and questionnaires for permanent residency and/or immigration applications
  • ads, announcements, greeting and anniversary cards, personal letters

Editing, Proofreading, and QA

Ensuring Consistent Quality

In addition to professional English-Russian translations, I also provide editing, proofreading, and QA services. My 14 years of teaching experience, which included checking and reviewing thousands of students’ translations, makes me a perfect match for these kinds of projects.